Nonprofit FAQ

Donor FAQ

Q. What is #weGiveCatholic?

#weGiveCatholic is a one-day Giving Event that provides our Catholic schools, parishes, Catholic Charities sites/programs, special ministries, and nonprofits affiliated with the Diocese of Cleveland, the opportunity to connect with their current donors and establish relationships with new donors. The goal of the day is to raise awareness and funds for Catholic organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. #weGiveCatholic is a fun and exciting way to come together as faithful stewards and “Give Catholic” on Giving Tuesday, a globally-recognized day of giving. Check out our welcome packet for all the details, including how you can be entered to win a $500 early registration prize and sign up for office hours to strategize for your #weGiveCatholic campaign!

Q. When is #weGiveCatholic?

#weGiveCatholic is on November 28th, 2017 from 12AM to 11:59 PM.

Q. Is my organization eligible to participate?

Here’s what you need to be eligible:

  1. Be a 501(c)3 parish, school, ministry, Catholic Charities site/program, or nonprofit affiliated with the Diocese of Cleveland, as demonstrated by inclusion in the Catholic Directory.
  2. Commit to promoting #weGiveCatholic to your constituents.

Q. Why should my organization participate?

Because it’s fun and free! Because there is prize money! Because the Catholic Community Foundation will help you be successful with marketing that will be seen throughout Northeast Ohio. Don’t miss out. Here’s what we accomplished in 2016:

  • $414,199 Total Dollars Raised (including pre-event sponsorship and prize funds)
  • 4,147 Total Number of Gifts Made
  • 157 Participating Organizations: 54 Parishes, 58 Catholic Schools,
  • 19 Catholic Charities Sites/Programs, 26 Catholic Nonprofits
  • $86 Average Gift Amount
  • 3,661 Unique Online Donors
  • 2,163 First Time Donors

Q. How can my organization register to participate?

Participation is free and registration is easy. Just go to If you need help, click on the chat icon, or contact Linda Corcoran, 216-696-6525 x 1042, Before registering, you will want to establish a point person for your organization. If you are a parish or school, we highly recommend that you do not appoint the pastor or principal as your point person. Find someone else who will have the passion, time and creativity to provide your organization with the best results – we will help them! Early registration is recommended so that you can take advantage of the webinars and tools available to you. Registration will close on September 30.

Q. Is there any cost to participate?

No! It is FREE for organizations to participate in #weGiveCatholic, The Catholic Community Foundation is sponsoring #weGiveCatholic as our gift to you. The Foundation will not keep any of the funds that you raise!

Q. What is the deadline to register for #weGiveCatholic?

The deadline to register is September 30th.

Q. How much is there in prize money?

The Catholic Community Foundation is committed to raising at least $50,000 in incentives to help Catholic schools, parishes, ministries, Catholic Charities sites and programs, and nonprofits maximize their donations. Prizes will be awarded throughout the pre-event preparation period and on the actual day of giving in a “friendly” competition, as well as random drawings. This year’s prize structure will be enhanced and revised; however, here is last year’s prize pool for reference:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Small, Medium, Large

$7,500 total

$6,000 total

$3,000 total

Small, Medium, Large

$7,500 total

$6,000 total

$3,000 total

Catholic Charities



Nonprofits .



Q. How much of the donation will go to our organization?

We have lowered platform fees this year by retaining a new provider and trusted resource, GiveGab, for this initiative. And this year, donors have the option to cover the fees, which many will choose to do. Here’s the breakdown. GiveGab retains a 2% campaign management fee from all donations, capped at $20 per donation. Credit Card processing fees are an additional 2.5% + $0.30 for standard credit cards and 3.5% + $0.30 for AMEX. If donors choose to cover these fees, 100% of their online charitable gift will go to your organization. After making a gift online, the donor will immediately receive an automatic email from the Catholic Community Foundation confirming the gift to your organization during the event. Note that all donations must be 100% tax deductible (no additional benefits).

Q. When will my organization receive its donations?

Organizations will receive all donations, less any uncovered processing fees, within one week following the giving day via direct deposit, as long as bank routing and account information have been verified. GiveGab, our platform provider and trusted resources for this initiative, uses a PCI Level I compliant payment service to ensure that all financial data is secure. If you do not provide your bank account information by Nov. 1, 2017, donations will go through the Catholic Community Foundation account and a check will be mailed to you in early 2018.

Q. How does an organization know who has donated and how much? Can I download a donations report?

Yes. Administrators will be able to access and download a .CSV file of their donations via their administrative dashboard. The report is updated in real-time and will include the donation payout date, donation information (including a breakdown of the fees), and the donor's name and contact information. Click here to download a sample report. We also suggest that you acknowledge donations by following up with donors within five working days.

Q. How can our organization have a successful Giving Day?

Check out our tips in the Nonprofit Toolkit and attend our Webinars. To make the most of these efforts your organization should ensure that your profile is up-to-date on the site well ahead of November 28 and is custom-branded to tell your story. Learn more about using the tools. Still need help? Seek out the advice from one of our #weGiveCatholic Champions from last year. (list to come)

Q. How can I stay up to date on what’s happening?

News and updates will be posted regularly to The Catholic Foundation’s site and social media sites. Be sure to Like/Follow us:

Beginning October 3, we will be emailing weekly updates every Tuesday to you that are filled with case studies, tips and other information to help you succeed.

More Questions?

We are happy to partner with you this year for #weGiveCatholic. And, we welcome any questions or suggestions. Please contact us!