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Camp Christopher provides a world of adventure for people of all ages including persons with disabilities.

With our variety of programs and activities, we have been providing novel camping experiences to thousands of children every season for 100 years! With over 165 acres, Camp Christopher provides a perfect opportunity to pass on Catholic values to young people in a beautiful and enriching environment. This year, our fundraising efforts will go towards the 2024 Campership Fund which helps to provide financial assistance to families who cannot afford the full price of summer camp. With your donation, we will be able to impact the lives of many children, who otherwise may not have the opportunity to explore the nature, community, and spirit that Camp Christopher has to offer.


“I think Camp Christopher is the best place I’ve ever went. We do some cool things. We swim in the lake, sometimes we do dancing, and on Monday we do the carnival. We played Red vs. Blue team and the Red team won because I was on the Red Team. Whenever I go there it brings back memories. I think Camp Christopher is a place for new people that have never been there. They can see how great that place is and how much fun you can have with other new people. Last time, I didn’t know anybody except for 2 people and then I made a lot of friends in the cabin. Camp Christopher is a place to make friends and a place to have fun.”

- Heritier, Campership Recipient 

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