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St. Malachi Parish Back Door Ministries

Last year, the Back Door Ministry served over 45,000 meals.  With Back Door Ministries increased guests and costs, we invite you to “partner” with us this year to reach our goal of $60,000 through #weGiveCatholic, Northeast Ohio’s Online Day of Catholic Giving on November 29, 2022.

All funds raised via #weGiveCatholic will benefit our Back Door Ministries: Monday-Friday takeout lunches, Monday night takeout dinners and Saturday morning breakfasts. 

Please join us on Nov. 29th for #weGiveCatholic and support our Back Door Ministries.  ($20 min. donation)

Homeless Jesus Sculpture "at Home" at St. Malachi 

The Homeless Jesus Sculpture, part of the Matthew 25 Collection by artist Timothy Schmalz, has found the perfect home at St. Malachi Parish.  Dedicated to serving the poor has been St. Malachi’s mainstay.  From the early days of St. Malachi, the parish aided and ministered to the Irish immigrants who came to the United States.  As the years went by St. Malachi continued to care for its people.  Lead by Fr. Molony, St. Malachi was instrumental in cleaning up the neighborhood around the parish and reducing crime. During the Great Depression, St. Malachi began to serve sandwiches to the poor and hungry from the back door of the rectory.  This practice was revived by Fr. Paul Hritz in the early 1970’s and it continues grow and develop as the needs of our homeless and less fortunate neighbors continues to intensify.   

Because the need to take care of our neighbors and homeless individuals is so great, St. Malachi’s Back Door Ministry has expanded its services to not only offer a hot nutritious lunch from Monday-Friday’s from 10AM to 1PM to 150 or more individuals, but also a Monday Evening Supper from 5-7PM where volunteers prepare the main portion and bring it to the hall. Currently we are serving over 150 individuals on Monday evenings. Saturday Morning Breakfast is served from 9AM to 11AM in our parish hall as of September 25, 2022.   Guests enjoy a relaxing breakfast and visit with friends.  

With the impact of Covid and the economy affecting our less fortunate neighbors and friends, St. Malachi’s Back Door Ministry continues to meet the needs of the poor by providing them with meals including nutrition and other hungers, such as the need for human care and concern.   

Mission Statement: “Eucharistic People, United in Prayer, Welcoming to All, Serving the Poor”  

Please support #weGiveCatholic on Tuesday, November 29thand help St. Malachi’s Back Door Ministries continue to serve our poor and less fortunate neighbors! 

Meet Racquel, our Back Door Ministry Coordinator as she shares about the Back Door Ministries 

Please support St. Malachi's Back Door Ministries on Nov. 29 and donate to #weGiveCathoic


 Back Door Ministry Saturday Morning Breakfast Opens Its Doors to Our Guests

The Back Door Ministry Saturday Breakfast has always been a favorite with our guests.  Unfortunately, Covid changed everything, and we were forced to offer take-out breakfasts to our guests on Saturday mornings for the past two years.

As of September 24, 2022, the doors to our hall were opened and guests were invited inside thanks to Brother Phil Bernier, Cap OFM, St. Malachi’s Associate Pastor, and his efforts.   

Volunteer groups will cook, serve and cleanup each Saturday so that our guests at Saturday Morning Breakfast can relax at a table and enjoy a hot breakfast with their friends and neighbors.  Several volunteer groups will rotate throughout the month and take on this important task of serving the homeless and our less fortunate neighbors.

Listen to Brother Phil as he tells us about The Saturday Morning Breakfast...

Please support #weGiveCatholic on Tuesday, November 29th, and help St. Malachi’s Back Door Saturday Morning Breakfast continue to serve our poor and less fortunate neighbors!

Meet Mario, A St. Malachi Parish’s Back Door Ministry Saturday Morning Breakfast Guest

A great way to start your Saturday is with a hot delicious breakfast!  Just ask Mario as he tells us about what it means to him to have a nutritious breakfast to start his day.  Covid forced the breakfast to be a take-out meal but but as of September 25, 2022, the Back Door Ministry opened its doors on Saturday mornings and invited guests inside to enjoy a sit-down breakfast and the camaraderie of their friends.  

The services provided by the Back Door Ministries far exceed just the food.  We all know that life can be challenging to our homeless and low-income guests. As Mario mentioned, the genuine interest by the staff and volunteers in those we serve can brighten someone's day.    

Please support #weGiveCatholic on Tuesday,  November 29,2022!  St. Malachi Parish is able to continue to provide services to our guests who visit the Back Door Ministry.   

Back Door Ministry Monday Evening Supper - Listen to David as he shares the story of Monday Evening Supper & its impact on our guests

Please support #weGiveCatholic on Tuesday, Nov. 29!

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